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Welcome to Decor-Art

August 9, 2011

Decor-Art team has just launched their website – and is happy to also welcome you to their brand new Blog.

Created by two friends, who share the same passion for all kinds of visual arts, Decor-Art is striving to provide a perfect opportunity for everyone to become a part of the artistic world without spending a fortune.

„As the boundaries of what we call Art are expanding it should become more readily available as well as affordable financially. That doesn’t mean that we support the idea of mass-production. There can’t be anything dearer than a handmade ceramic dish or a paper postcard! We just feel that it should be easy enough to choose and obtain something that would evoke good emotions, inspire you to move forward or create, as well as ornate your household.“


At the moment we are offering a great array of watercolours and photo prints. So If you have an eye for original paintings, subtle colour tones and gentle brush strokes, take your time browsing through the watercolour gallery, yet if you are drawn to contemporary visual arts, please flick through the photo prints presented in the three photo galleries.

Plans for the future? Well, in a few weeks time, right at the begining of autumn, we hope to be able to invite you to our E-Exhibitions – an online gallery open to anyone with an internet access. So if you love Art as much as we do, please don‘t forget to keep an eye on our website and our blog.

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