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Send a Post Card

September 16, 2011

I love getting letters or post cards. Don‘t you? We are lucky to have mobile phones and e-mails, so the communication can actually be instant, yet sometimes it is so nice to get a different kind of message – something real that can be kept in a secret shoe box under the bed.

Call me old fashioned, but I still use snail mail. Whenever I go abroad I look for interesting cards that I could send my friends and Christmas is always an occasion for the ugliest card contest. To tell the truth this silly game not only keeps me wondering what kind of masterpiece will reach my post box just before Christmas Eve this year, it also shapes my opinion on cards that artists create and the general public who buy them.

Looking from a tourists perspective – England offers quite a huge range of funny cards concentrating on the fact that it never stops raining, yet Germany has always been the country where standing next to card stands my attention span seems to be prolonged to at least half an hour.

Michael Sowa "Bunny Dressing"

Only a few weeks ago, when I bought Axel Hacke‘s book „Small Guide to Child-Rearing“ (it isn‘t as serious as it might sound), I found out that the cards that made me giggle the most have been created by a german illustrator – Michael Sowa.

Michael Sowa "Holiday on Ice"

I love his paintings and sense of humour and I‘m not the only one as his art is widely available as posters, postcards, and calendars.

Michael Sowa "Father, Third from Left"

— — —
Michael Sowa
belongs to the most noted illustrators in Germany. A wider public got aware of him through his illustrations for Axel Hacke’s publications and through his paintings shown in Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s film Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain.

In 1995 Michael Sowa was awarded with the Olaf-Gulbransson-Preis, in 2004 he received the Berlin Bookprice in the category Children’s Books for ‘Prinz Tamino’. Besides many book projects he works for newspapers such as Die Zeit and The New Yorker. 

His work has been exhibited in the Wilhelm-Busch-Museum Hannover, in the Kunsthalle Oldenburg, at The Liebenweintrum in Burghausen and repetedly in Japan. (Information found on Margarethe International Illustration, for more images please visit their website.)
— — —

Anyway, the next time you decide to send a post card (if you do this you are bound to get one back!) look for something unique or funny, something worth to be kept in that special box under the bed.

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