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Fragmented Memories by Catherine Verrill

November 27, 2011

We have launched our fourth E-Exhibition!

This time we are focusing on memories and the interpretation of memories offered by Catherine Verrill.

Her stunningly decorative paintings contain distinct geometric shapes and intense, bright colours, they no doubt bring the 1920-30s to life, reminding us of Art Deco – an elegant style of cool sophistication.

Lily by Catherine Verrill (Oil on Paper)

Artist’s statement:

“After completing a degree in Fine Art at The University of Reading 1996,  my work has focused on methods for representing individual perceptions and, the distortion that results as these perceptions decay in the memory.

Projection, memory, decay, distortion and fragmentation are all concepts that feature heavily in the paintings and drawings that I create. I draw inspiration from the relationship between man and nature and the organic aspect of the human mind.”

— — —

We hope that you will enjoy the biggest exhibition we’ve ever had!

If you should have any questions for the artist please e-mail them to and we will include them into the list of questions we have prepared for our interview with Catherine.

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