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Recent Winters and Paintings by Algirdas Taurinskas

December 10, 2011

The Guardian had a brilliant idea – to share some favourite winter paintings. They have published a few really good ones by famous artists, yet all of the artwork is from the previous century or even older. Winter hasn’t lost its charm even now (as long as we get lots of snow!), so I thought I’d show some contemporary Art or, in other words, some quite recent winters.

A Lithuanian artist Algirdas Taurinskas (born 1941) might choose simple subjects – mainly landscapes, yet his paintings are very vibrant, rich in colour and emotion. I absolutely love his winters, where huge layer of snow covers roads and buildings, where this season is not only beautiful, but also tough and encapsulating.

Winter in the Old-town (70x80cm), 2010

Winter (70x80cm), 2010

Here are some more paintings by this artist. I took these photos at his latest exhibition, but if you like the bold colours and would love to see some more, please visit the official artist’s website.

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P.S. What’s your favourite winter painting?

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