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Become a Decor-Art Journalist + 2 January Images

January 3, 2012

After the last post in 2011, that was an ode to productivity, we start 2012 by introducing new things on our Blog.

We have lots of ideas how to make our Blog more interesting and inspiring. At the moment we are very enthuasiastic, yet at the same time we are a bit scared that we might not always have enough time to cover the most interesting topics or news from the Art world. That’s why we are asking for your help – we invite you to share anything that you think might interest people who love all kinds of Art or people who would simply like to broaden their horizons.

You can become our special journalist contributing, a few times a month, or just drop us a line occasionally to mention an artist that you like, a place you have visited or an event that would be worth attending. By the way, quality photos are always a bonus – colourful mouth watering images sometimes are better than chocolates! (Don’t you agree?) We promise to always mention your name, blog or website address and your images will always have a watermark. We also promise to have a prize at the end of 2012 for the most active contributor and the author of the post that will generate the most interest.

Please contact us via e-mail:

We hope to hear from you soon and meanwhile we are sharing two beautiful images for your January desktop. (Please click on the images to see their bigger versions and to save them on your computer.) They came from our current E-Exhibition “As Close As We Have Got To” – if you haven’t visited it, please do; simply click here.

This year we will share 24 desktop  images, 2 each month. (All of them will have a little calendar in the right corner.) Lets say that this is our 12 month project for this year. Have you thought of one for yourself yet?

Before ending this post we have some more information for artists.

We invite you to show your work on our virtual gallery. We still haven’t completed out timetabe for 2012, i.e. we can still find time for exhibiting your paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, skulptures etc. So… If you are an artist and would like to exhibit your work on Decor-Art E-Exhibitions, please send us an e-mail. If you have a website or write a blog, please include the URLs. Also please send us a few photos of your artwork, we would like to see it before we decide weather we would like to present it to our users.

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