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More Paintings – The Artwork by Mark Fisher

March 10, 2012

We have opened our fourth E-Exhibition this year on Decor-Art Website (please click here if you’d like to see it). This time it’s Artwork by Mark Fisher – a very rich display not only in terms of colour and style of painting, but also in terms of subject. Anyone is bound to find a favourite painting as Mark has created some beautiful landscapes picturing country life and pretty woodland, presented interesting architectural views and even imaginative birds and some abstract artwork.

We have asked Mark a few questions about his path as an artist, we hope you will enjoy this short interview.

Mark Fisher in his Studio

Can you please tell us what it was like growing up with your mum being an artist? As I imagine the whole atmosphere must have been a bit more relaxed and creative compared to any of your friends’ families?

I did grow up in a creative atmosphere but it was not always relaxed- especially when a kiln firing failed and a whole kiln of pottery which my mum had spent weeks making was destroyed. My mum taught pottery and held painting courses at our home which meant I was always   meeting artists.

You won your first Art competition prize aged sixteen. What competition was it? What did you enter? Do you still have the original piece?

The competition was a National Schools Art Competition which I won. It was a painting of roof tops at night. Unfortunately the headmaster had my winning painting on his office wall and I never got it back!

Abstract, Acrylic on Canvas (30cmx40cm)

I’m sure you had a go at pottery – there’s no way a potter’s child would resist playing with some clay – why didn’t you go down that road?

I did work in clay- learning to ‘throw’ on a potters wheel when I was about twelve. We used to dig up clay from the garden, make glazes from ingredients collected from the garden and even make woodfired ‘Raku’ kilns to fire the pots in. I very nearly went the ceramics route – it was one of my options when looking at courses to go on when leaving school.

Have you ever considered choosing a different path in life and leaving Art somewhere in the background, just as a hobby? 

I have never wanted to work in an area that is   not creative. I have always worked in the design industry so drawing is   never far away. My painting has been more of a hobby during some of this time, but I always come back to it.

Fancy Bird, Acrylic on Canvas (30cmx40cm)

You have been trained and worked for a long time as a designer, you must be very inventive – how does this affect your artworks?

My artworks are often inventive and have been influenced by my work – mainly the architectural work which really helps my paintings of buildings. I am inventive with how I use perspective and do often use what I call ‘visual trickery’ in some of my work.

You teach drawing and painting techniques – would you say it is possible to teach anyone to draw and paint?

Yes – I would say that anybody can be taught to draw as everybody can be taught to write and everybody develops their own style of   handwriting. As with music everybody can be taught how to play the piano, with enough practice, but some people do have a natural talent!

— — —

Thank you, Mark for giving us an opportunity to show your paintings on and your positive-encouraging view on teaching to draw or paint.

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  1. March 10, 2012 10:43 am

    Lovely work Mark! I particularly like ‘Fancy Bird’.And I so agree with you everyone has the ability to draw and make art – it’s just a question of how much you WANT to do it. You need to have passion and desire…..

  2. March 11, 2012 12:26 pm

    hi dears both,
    I love your new blog look (well, I haven’t visited for awhile, blush, so it is new to me). It is wonderful, I’ll follow so I can keep up. cheers,

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