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Sally’s Stunning Landscapes

March 31, 2012

Today we have opened our fifth E-Exhibition this year – Colour, Atmosphere and Form by Sally Kelly (to visit this exhibition please click here).

We’re proud to be able to present one more young woman artist and her stunning paintings – abstract landscapes that burst in colour and seem to ooze light and positive energy. We have asked Sally, who is actually a qualified Architect, how it all started and hope you will enjoy the interview, which reveals how good intentions can unexpectedly lead to much bigger changes in life.

Sally, certainly a "glass half-full" person

Sally, please tell us the story how you became an artist – it seems everything started rather unexpectedly?

Yes, it really did!  I have always loved art… got an A grade in my ‘O’ Level and went on to do an ‘A’ Level at college.  It was always my favourite and best subject at School.  Being a Mum of 2 primary age kids I hadn’t done any artwork myself for years, only things with the kids.  When I bought some canvasses and acrylic paints for them use just over a year ago I suddenly had the urge to join in and have a go myself.  This was a medium I had never used before as a student and immediately fell in love with it!  I have not looked back.

You are a qualified architect and therefore you must have encountered Art in lots of forms while training for your profession, did you think at the time that maybe you’re going down the wrong path?

Never, sometimes, always!  Depends what mood I’m in and what challenges I’m facing at the time.  I love Architecture and would aspire to be a great Architect, however, the reality of the profession is that much of what you do is not about design but about administration, contracts and management.  Not quite as creative as I thought when I was studying!  But rewarding in different ways.

Architecture or Art? Which would you say gives more pleasure?

Both!  My dream holiday would be in somewhere like Rome – surrounded my great architecture and art.  I lived in London whilst I studied for my first Architecture degree and I fell in love with Bankside Power Station – it was the most beautiful structure I had ever seen – completely awe inspiring – moving.  Years later Banksidse was converted to become the Tate Modern – Artchitecture and Art are so very closely intertwined!  Both give me goose bumps.

Marsh Sunrise by Sally Kelly (90 cm x 60cm)

You’re a mother of two, how do you manage to find time for painting? Do you have certain hours when no one is allowed to disturb you?  

You must be joking!  I can only paint when all is quiet and everyone is in bed…  I usually paint between 10 -12pm at night.  I wish I had more time, but I take what I have.  It’s my unwind time.

How did you find your unique style?

Is it unique?  Experimenting I guess.  I have different styles, but the one that is more ‘me’ is the pallette knife flurry style – I am not even sure what to call it!  I am a developing artist and want to explore different techniques, however, I always come back to the ‘flurry’!  Feel a bit like Rolf Harris when I’m doing it!

Your landscapes might not seem real looking just at the colours, yet they are so realistic on the whole – are they born in your imagination or do you have to have a particular scene in mind or even in front of you while you paint?

Mostly born from my imagination, but also from memory.  I look in wonder constantly at the shapes, forms and colours around me in the skies and in the landscape.  I do sometimes try and paint what is in front of me, but feel a little restricted by this.

Evening Estuary by Sally Kelly (60cm x 50cm)

Looking at the bright colours you use I’d say you’re a “glass half full person” – would you say that’s true or have psychologists got it completely wrong in their theories?

Psychologists always get their theories wrong!  They think too much!  80% half full, 20% half empty.  I would say that I actually prefer my (wine) glass to be full!

Plans for the future?

Just keep painting, learning, experimenting and enjoying what I do.  I hope that people will continue to buy a few of them, because without this support and interest I cannot justify to myself (or the husband!) to carry on at the rate I want to!  The feedback I have had from customers motivates me and I am driven by this to keep going.  I am hoping to exhibit locally soon and am focussing on creating an exhibition portfolio of larger pieces.  Watch this space!

Thank you, Sally, for taking part in our project. We wish you lots of inspiration and “you” time for painting!

— — —

If you liked Sally’s artwork as much as we did, don’t forget to visit her Etsy Shop – please click here.

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  1. March 31, 2012 4:38 pm

    Beautiful work Sally.

  2. April 3, 2012 12:22 pm

    Love them!

  3. melissa permalink
    June 8, 2013 2:44 pm

    I love Sally’s work – it’s both beautiful and tranquil. I can’t wait to adorne my home with her artistic beauty!


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