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2 x Ch…

April 7, 2012

I’m sure by now you’re wondering – 2 x Ch… – what’s that all about!?

Well, believe it or not, it’s just a post about Easter eggs and the big question: chocolate or chicken?

I know that children get very excited about sweet things wrapped into colourful foil, so the old traditions are being turned away (it’s also much easier to buy something ready made than to put in a bit of effort into making things), yet my kitchen gets messy, when just before Easter, I dye real eggs. There you go, I say “NO”  to chocolate (that doesn’t happen very often though…) and vote for chickens!

I might be going for the easiest option – to dye eggs using onion skins, but this process can have lots of different interpretations, so everything will depend on your imagination. It’s not difficult, so if there’s an artist inside you (we all have one of these), do try and make your Easter table a bit more interesting and, by the way, if you have children – they will find this interesting too (they might even forget the chocolate…).

— — —

Before you start wrapping up your eggs into onion skins you can use all sorts of leaves or grasses to create patterns on the shell.

I used some parsley.

You can also use cotton, that won’t let the dye get to the shell and will also create some pattern.

Round and round it went...

Don’t forget that there’re red onions – their skins provide slightly darker shades. You can always mix and match for a pretty result.

Layering the onion skins.

Once you’ve covered your eggs in onion skins put some bandage on (I’m not joking) and using cotton secure everything making little parcels ready to be boiled. Boil for about 5 minutes.


Remove the bandage and reveal all kinds of patterns – pretty Easter eggs.

The cotton egg.


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