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Garden Stories (Part 2)

July 22, 2012

In the last few weeks there weren’t many happy moments, so the words, spoken by a secret poet Minnie Aumonier (I managed to find only a few facts, but there’s nothing certain), seem extremely wise:

“When the world wearies and society fails to satisfy, there is always the garden.”

Although the garden has been neglected, there’s still plenty of beauty – hidding in the long grass or behind the huge weeds… I guess the world is governed by the same rules: there are lots of good an beautiful things and the more “work” you put in, the easier it is to find them.

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  1. July 22, 2012 1:35 pm

    Sorry to hear that the past few weeks have been difficult for you.
    I love your photos, they go beyond garden snapshots in their composition and interest value. The pear and sunflower are my favourites.
    cheers and hug, Sarah

    • July 23, 2012 7:30 pm

      Hello, Sarah,

      first of all thank you for sending a hug – that’s a big gift and very much appreciated.

      I’m very glad you like the photographs. You live with a professional (I love your husbands images!) and you have seen lots of brilliant shots, so such comments received from you are always a compliment. As for favourites – I think I’d also go with the sunflower. The whole bloom reminded me of someone being sad – a bit huched down, looking at the ground and the dried up petals, that were moving in the wind, could almost be the person’s hair, hiding their sad face.

      Well, I haven’t spent much time in the garden lately, so I was very happy to see that there were still lots of plants that looked good and attracted my attention.


      P.S. As for the last subject I saw on your blog – “accountable art” – I agree with everything you’ve said, just couldn’t concentrate enough to leave a wise comment. I was very glad the subject attracted lots of like-minded people.

  2. July 22, 2012 2:44 pm

    I agree with you. I wish you from now on, more beautiful moments, just like your photos! 🙂

    • July 23, 2012 1:08 pm

      Thank you for your warm comment, Marina. Lets hope that from now on our lives will be blessed with colourful moments that resemble my photographs and your illustrations and if we ever get down, lets just rush to the garden! x

  3. July 22, 2012 4:41 pm

    The line of poetry struck a cord with me too – thank you. I just spent my first day in my garden for weeks – following so much wet weather. Amongst the tangly mess were new flowers and survivors I thought I’d lost – also two baby frogs! yay!
    Beautiful photographs!

    • July 23, 2012 7:43 pm

      Hello, Patricia,

      thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment! I’m very glad that you liked the photographs and that the lines, I have chosen for this post, inspired you.

      Gardening can be very rewarding and even surprising, especially when you find some precious flowers “amongst the tangly mess”, as you have nicely put. It’s a sacred place where you can admire miraculous creations and celebrate new life.

      I had a look at your blog and I have added it to our “artists who blog section” – I found lots of interesting topics, so from now on I will keep a close eye on you! Last year I spent a few hours “playing” with clay and really enjoyed it, so I understand your passion for ceramics. You’re very lucky you get to do it so often.


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