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On Flying and December Desktops

December 4, 2012

Right… It’s been a long time, but I’m back!

It’s unbelievable how time disappears when you’re having fun thousands of miles away from home: one day you think that there’s still lots of days to fit everything in and the other – you realise that it’s time to pack your bags and head back…

I’m always glad to reach home safely, especially when traveling involves flying. Words like aircraft and airborne send shivers down my spine. Before you mention it – I know everything about the statistics! I even know when to put my tray into upright position and that the window shutters have to be up when the plane is taking off or landing. To be honest I could even tell you how the engine sounds during various stages of the journey… (I definitely need to invent something that would occupy my mind while sitting on a plane. Any ideas?)

Anyway, I’m on the solid ground and that feels good.

— — —

I know it’s high time to present the last two desktop images and I have to warn you that they are going to be a bit cold. I left when it was still autumn and, when I got back home, it felt as if I had entered a real winter wonderland! I hope there’s enough snow for Christmas as quite often everything melts just before Christmas Eve… Anyway, here they are:



(Please click on the image to see its full version, then right click and choose the “save picture as…” option to download it onto your computer.)

— — —

Hope you like December desktop images (the last two this year!) and please keep checking this blog for lots of inspiring photos from my trip to London.

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  1. December 17, 2012 2:01 pm

    Seems I have neglected your blog a bit, Kristina. Sorry about that, but here I am again 😉
    I must say we have some things in common: I don’t like flying either 😦 But it’s the fastest way to travel from A to B, isn’t it? So we have to overcome our fears, don’t we? What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger! And I know that’s true 😀

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