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Hello, February + 2 Desktop Images

February 1, 2013

When January reaches its end and we welcome the shortest month of the year I know that spring is only round the corner!

February will be full of events and I’m sure we will be very busy – with heaps of pancakes to bake and thinking of something special for Valentine’s Day we won’t get bored. I might even start on my chili pepper project, which involves collecting lots of small plastic pots, filling them with soil and sowing little seeds… I must admit I miss gardening, but it’s too early to celebrate the fact that the snow has melted; it might still come back.

Even this morning the puddles were covered in thin ice and clean whites could be spotted in the shadows, where the first sun rays couldn’t reach them…


(Please click on the image to see its full version, then right click and choose the “save picture as…” option to download it onto your computer.)

— — —

28 days will be quick to disappear, so make sure you use your time wisely; do everything that needs to be done indoors as soon the weather will be so good that it will be a sin to stay at home!

Oh, and please don’t forget that you still have time to join the 8by8 Project – your artwork can have some healing power.

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