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Fabulous Books – #5 Vintage Revised Jewelry

March 28, 2013

2013 is for reading and enjoying fabulous books.

Decor-Art is happy to announce that our cooperation with Cico Books and their sister company Ryland Peters and Small (RPS) has opened up brilliant opportunities to introduce you to their new publications on crafting, gardening and interior design. Every month we will be reviewing amazing books that inspire to create and to recycle, books that encourage to discover and to shape beautiful surroundings.

All reviews can be found on this Blog under the category called “Fabulous Books” (right hand side).

— — —

Opening this book up feels like lifting a lid of an old treasure chest – necklaces and bracelets, earrings and pins sparkle in different colours, reminding us of the glorious history or secret dear memories. Call me a magpie, but I’d like to own all of them! Luckily this book is a small manual that explains how we can create such beautiful jewelry, little pieces of art, using the most unexpected objects.


My suggestion – first of all have a closer look at the basic tools you will need (most can be found in the secret man’s territory – try the garage or some special draw), get acquainted with the materials (that’s the more interesting part) and then head for a vintage market!

I’m sure that what previously might have looked like a pile of junk now will attract your attention – chandelier crystal drops can be turned into earrings, keys and key tags, watch faces and optical lenses and even drawer pulls – into charms… As Patricia A. McKillip once said – “That’s the beginning of magic. Let your imagination run and follow it.”

You should also follow the easy to understand step by step instructions, povided in this book, and soon you will become an expert in assembling one-of-a-kind distinctive and unique statements!


Vintage Revised Jewelry will serve as great introduction to making all kinds of jewelry – presenting the basic tools, introducing materials and techniques it is a textbook that can be used even by a novice.

— — —

I’d recommend this book to anyone who’s keen on crafting, anyone who loves stylish accessoires and anyone whose eyes lit up remembering Victorian era and its jewelry, that definitely does not fade into the background!

Vintage Revised Jewelry by Nichole Bush is published by Cico Books at £12.99 and is available from

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