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April 11, 2013

You might have already noticed that the images for the post “The Art Movements’ Exercise – Orphism” were taken from Encyclopedia of fine arts. I found this website by accident, but I’m really impressed with this project. I think it has moved all possible Art much closer to all of us!


Although it’s still a Beta version (a development status given to a program or application that contains most of the major features, but is not yet complete) and the developers have said that they “are working hard to open editorial section for public” it’s already worth a visit. (By the way, you can request an invitation and Wikipaintings will let you know when the editorial section is ready).

At the moment you can find artists by alphabet, art movement, school or group, genre, nationality or century; you can also search for artworks by style, genre, technique or just look at the artworks, that have been added to the database, in a random order. You can also see the most viewed artworks and the most viewed artists.

As “Wikipaintings filling system is based on the principle of wiki, i.e. free filling and editing the contents of the site by anyone who wants to participate in the project” later on you will be able to contribute by submitting information about your favourite artists or artworks. (“The quality and reliability of the information will be ensured by consistent moderation of all the updates.”)

— — —

More about this project:

“The project aims to create high-quality, most complete and well-structured online repository of fine art. We hope to make classical art a little more accessible and comprehensible, and also want to provide a new form of interaction between contemporary artists and their audience. In the future we plan to cover the entire history of art — from cave artworks to the new talents of today.

The project is non-profit. The site will not contain advertising in any form and its creators do not intend to make profit from the activities or sale of the project. Initial work on the establishment and maintenance of the site is paid from funds of the initiative group, but later we hope to cover the costs through donations from users.

The site presents both public domain artworks and works that are protected by copyright. The last ones are posted on the site in accordance with fair use principle, because:

  1. they are historically significant artworks;
  2. the images are only being used for informational and educational purposes;
  3. the image are readily available on the internet;
  4. the images are low resolution copies of the original artworks and are unsuitable for commercial use.”

— — —

You can follow the updates on the website through twitter and facebook and if you want to contribute some of your time, knowledge, money, or just helpful advice to this project, please, visit their how to contribute page.

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