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Fabulous Books – #7 Pretty Pastel Style

May 6, 2013

2013 is for reading and enjoying fabulous books.

Decor-Art is happy to announce that our cooperation with Cico Books and their sister company Ryland Peters and Small (RPS) has opened up brilliant opportunities to introduce you to their new publications on crafting, gardening and interior design. Every month we will be reviewing amazing books that inspire to create and to recycle, books that encourage to discover and to shape beautiful surroundings.

All reviews can be found on this Blog under the category called “Fabulous Books” (right hand side).

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What comes to your mind when you hear these two words – PASTEL COLOURS? I remember my childhood and ice cream: light pink tastes like strawberry, subtle yellow – hmm… maybe orange, faded green – definitely apple, but I‘m not sure about sub-duded blue… Yes, I do think of ice-cream and sunny summer!

Pastel colours evoke the best emotions, create calm and even romantic atmosphere, that‘s why the idea to use them creating interiors sounds very appealing.

I must admit I have always considered light colours serving as a perfect background for furniture and other things in the room (bright white Scandinavian style is a bit over the top for me, so I went for pale, but warmer hues in my house), yet I never pondered over the idea to create a coherent pastel interior. Browsing Selina‘s book I came to conclusion that pretty pastel style is definitely something worth trying out.


Right, so what do we start with? You could go for modern pastels and choose soft shades that will be “punctuated with pops of bright colour” or stick to vintage pastels and paint your rooms in “hues that look as though they have aged and mellowed”. The next step would be to concentrate on the details, as they will help you to create extremely cozy atmosphere. Choose some pattern – “polka dots, candy stripes or faded florals” and… accessorize!


If you want a quick makeover and a few great projects for this summer – paint your wooden furniture in pastel tones. (I think I‘ll start with my garden furniture, it needs a new, trendy life.) Rearrange your possessions displaying pretty pastel pieces (books, beads, china, paintings etc.) and get some fresh flowers – of course concentrate on soft hues.


I think it will be impossible not to fall in love with the result. And I‘d better warn you – if you start with just one room, the pretty pastel style virus might quickly spread into other spaces… well, actually the whole house and even the garden!


In just a few sentences: this book is a must have for any interior connoisseur – full of visual inspiration, which will make you reconsider your colour choice. Pastel colours rock! Well, this summer they will for definite (and I‘m sure that not only in my house).

— — —

Pretty Pastel Style by Selina Lake is published by Ryland Peters & Small and is available from

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