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June Flowers in a Vase

June 9, 2013

I’ve been so busy lately (Doing what? … You will see tomorrow, as that’s when the next issue of A Muse for Life comes out.) and this blog got neglected. I know that I haven’t been paying enough attention and the best indicator is the number of spam messages – this time 26! (Do people believe someone will read them? Dear Spammers, I never do.)

Anyway, the other day I had to think of some illustrations, but got sidetracked… Of course I felt guilty, but I couldn’t stop myself. Beautiful music + paint and brushes can do wonders. Oh, and lets not forget the subject – you do need something that would inspire you. After this relaxing session it wasn’t too difficult to decide what the illustrations should look like, so it seems that I didn’t loose anything at all and that sometimes it’s good to choose, lets say, a different “path”.

There you go, the result:

June Flowers, 2013

June Flowers in a Vase, 2013

Any ideas what the flowers are? I once again invite you to be my art critics.

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