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Summer Muse

June 10, 2013

Summer issue of A Muse for Life went live today.

Summer 2013

Summer 2013

Make sure you don’t miss the latest articles and interviews, as we have put lots of effort into finding interesting people who like art, music, crafts, gardening, cooking and baking, traveling. By the way, you’ll even meet a talking dog – Shilton, who is looking for a loving home.


You can read this magazine online or download it onto your computer, here’s the link:

I hope you will enjoy reading it!

— — —

P.S. I’d really appreciate if you could let me know what you think or maybe suggest what should be added/changed.

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  1. June 10, 2013 4:34 pm

    Hi K, I spent some time with the magazine online and really liked it.
    When I saw the first issue I didn’t quite get the point of something like this, but now, seeing the context and reading more about the trend in publishing magazines this way changed that. And most of all, the pleasure in making it that comes across so clearly. It really looks like hard work but fun as well.

    I’m not as plugged into the net as a lot of people are, but I can see how these magazines would add to the blog etc, and provide another channel for communicating and sharing.

    The design looks great, this issue is colourful and full of good things, Thanks for making it available free. I will certainly go back and read some more.

    • June 11, 2013 9:28 pm

      Hi, Sarah,
      I’m really glad you like the magazine (your opinion means a lot to me!) – I don’t know if you noticed, but you can download it onto your computer, and then read it whenever you want to.

      I’m sure that many people don’t understand why I’m doing this, because it involves a lot of hard work + time. I guess all “publishers” have their own reasons, but mine are – 1. I love taking photos and it’s a fun way to share them, also I have to think about what I photograph and how (it’s no longer just a random process that I’m used to) 2. I learn new things, 3. I get to know interesting people and 4. I can do some stuff for charity.

      The original goal is to do this for a year, so the good news is this – there should be two more issues!

      If this magazine became popular I think I’d carry on, but it’s very hard to let people know it’s there.


      • June 13, 2013 2:10 pm

        Thanks for sharing all this, K. I really do admire your enterprising-ness. Those are great reasons to do anything. Sounds good to do it for a year and see what rolls out.

        I understand about the challenge of letting people know its there. There are so many competing for people’s attention.

        That is one of the things that stops me from getting an Etsy shop,for example. Making the work, packaging, and posting it is ok. But the hours required to schmooze on the site and blogs purely to gain visibility is where I tend to opt out.


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