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On the Road #2

June 16, 2013

Have you heard of The Herrenhausen Gardens (in German – Herrenhäuser Gärten) in Hanover?

These are probably the most impressive gardens I have ever seen (I haven’t seen much of France though). They are made up of the Great Garden (Großer Garten), the Berggarten, the Georgengarten and the Welfengarten. I’m not sure how much time you need in order to see everything, but we’ve spent the whole day wandering in around and taking in that beauty (also discussing how many people they need to keep everything that tidy).

— — —

Quoting Wikipedia & sharing my photos:

“The Great Garden owes much of its aesthetics to Sophia of Hanover, who commissioned the French gardener Martin Charbonnier. As its name implies, it is indeed a large garden, comprising 50 hectares of lawns, hedges, walkways, and statues arranged in strict geometrical patterns.”



“The Berggarten was created in 1666 as a vegetable garden for the Great Garden on a hill north of the Herrenhäuser Castle. Sophia of Hanover later transformed the Berggarten into a garden for exotic plants, and in 1686 a conservatory was erected.

The garden once served more than an aesthetic purpose – it was used to experiment with the breeding of plants normally native to southern lands in the northern climate of Lower Saxony. This experiment failed in its attempts to grow rice, but was successful with some other plants such as tobacco and mulberry.”


“The Berggarten has been transformed over the years from a simple vegetable garden into a large botanical garden with its own attractions.”




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