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Lets Celebrate!

August 12, 2013

Did you know that the 19th of August is World Photography Day?

There you go, we still have one week to get ready! But before you find out why and how, here are some paragraphs about the big project.

— — —

Quick questions and answers that will shed some light (information found on World Photo Day website):

– When was photography invented?

“World Photography Day originates from the invention of the Daguerreotype, a photographic processes developed by Joseph Nicèphore Nièpce and Louis Daguerre. On January 9, 1839, The French Academy of Sciences announced the daguerreotype process. A few months later, on August 19, 1839, the French government announced the invention as a gift “Free to the World”.”

– When was World Photography Day born?

“In 2009, Korske Ara, a passionate young photographer from Australia launched the World Photography Day Project. At 21 years old, Korske had the dream to unite local and global communities in a worldwide celebration of photography.

On August 19th 2010, World Photography Day hosted it’s first global online gallery. With 270 photographs shared and website visitors from over 100 countries, World Photography Day was born.”

– What is World Photography Day about?

“World Photography Day is about celebrating the ability we have to communicate though this powerful visual medium.”

— — —

How can you get involved and, more to the point, how can you celebrate with Decor-Art?

There certainly are hundreds of interesting ways to celebrate World Photography Day and there will be quite a few events happening World wide, but we are offering a quick and simple way to mark this day together. Ready?

You still have one week to choose what you think is your BEST SHOT (it can be this year’s best shot or your best shot ever). Think of a title and maybe a few sentences that would explain your excitement and e-mail everything to us: (it would be great if you could do this before Friday 12a.m.)

Make sure you include your name and your blog address (if you’re writing one), as next Monday (19th of August) we are going to post all of your photographs and celebrate World Photography Day!

Don’t forget – the more, the merrier, so please tell your friends (and enemies, if you want to).

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  1. korske permalink
    August 15, 2013 10:02 am

    Hi Jovita and Kristina, Thanks for sharing about World Photography Day. I hope the pair of you and the community here at DecorArt have a fantastic time celebrating photography this year!

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