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Fabulous Books – #12 At the Water’s Edge

August 27, 2013

2013 is for reading and enjoying fabulous books.

Decor-Art is happy to announce that our cooperation with Cico Books and their sister company Ryland Peters and Small (RPS) has opened up brilliant opportunities to introduce you to their new publications on crafting, gardening and interior design. Every month we will be reviewing amazing books that inspire to create and to recycle, books that encourage to discover and to shape beautiful surroundings.

All reviews can be found on this Blog under the category called “Fabulous Books” (right hand side).

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Although the alternative title for the book says “Summer Escapes for Easy Living” here you will find inspiring houses that would draw you to spend some time relaxing all year round. Informal spaces surrounded by nature, calm and uncluttered interiors and only simple things that you might need while “recharging your batteries” – they certainly spark up a thought how great it would be to own such a retreat! There you go – this book is for brave daydreamers, who believe that sooner rather than later they will be able to spend their holidays and short breaks at the water’s edge.
Over-viewing beautiful houses, that seem to merge with the wild landscapes all over the World, Sally Hayden’s book shows that it is easy to create your own paradise and serves as a concise manual on how to do this.
I’d certainly use “At the Water’s Edge” as a source for inspiration that tells and shows everything you need to know creating that perfect cozy coastal home. For example have you ever thought of the materials that would suit best? What colour tones to choose? What are the differences between verandas and terraces? In this book you’ll find answers to all of these and many more common design questions.
By the way, I love the general rule – use natural materials, but don’t forget that everything has to be very practical, low maintenance, easy to look after. Well, if you think about it – if it’s just your holiday home, it certainly has to be that way.
Once you have got familiar with the first part of the book – inspirations, you’re invited to view 12 real-life coastal homes. Now you can rate their design as a professional: evaluate if their owners have followed the common rules and come up with new ideas that you might want to use later on. Stunning summer houses in Denmark, the USA, Spain and England or in other words a collection of all kinds of creative solutions that will help you to transform even a smallest shack into a place that through the years will accumulate your happiest moments!
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At the Water’s Edge by Sally Hayden (photography by Earl Carter) is published by Ryland Peters & Small at £19.99 and is available from
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