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A Planner for 2014

October 15, 2013

When I said that October should be a “take action” month, I actually hoped I would find more time for painting and drawing, also printing, as it’s #printoctober on Twitter (artists share their artwork, every month it’s something different, and this October they are concentrating on making prints). Yet it turned out that there’s heaps of work in the garden and it’s easier to sit in front a computer screen after a long and hard day, than to fish out paints and canvases (I so need a studio! this would solve the problem of moving everything from one place to another every time inspiration strikes).

Anyway, computers can be bad – they “steal” time, but if you manage to concentrate on just one thing at a time (you might need to disconnect your internet to achieve this) you can make wonders. In the last few days I’ve been working on my dream Planner for 2014. And here it is:

Cover image

Cover image

I have once again trusted Blurb. Their prices might be a bit steep, yet the quality of their books is outstanding! And we should spoil ourselves at least sometimes, don’t you agree? By the way, even if you decide to spoil yourself (my planner costs €28,01 – Hardcover, Dust Jacket and €16,79 – Softcover) I would also suggest not to miss any discounts that are being offered quite frequently. For e.g. now you should get 20% off if you use code BIGSAVINGS at checkout (this deal expires on the 29th of October 2013).

I have used the best photographs from my garden and I’m sure that they will appeal to any Nature lover.

This view should get you through the coldest month

This view should get you through the coldest month

And if you wonder if this planner is for you, please read its description:

This is a planner for a serious gardener, who spends hours digging, planting, watering, weeding… and for someone who is simply fond of beautiful spaces, magnificent plants and Nature in general. Hopefully it will help you organize your time so well, that this year will seem like a never ending adventure or a journey, which will be always remembered fondly.

If you’re still not sure, please visit Blurb, where it’s possible to preview the whole planner!  Just click this link.

— — —

I hope you like it, as it would make a brilliant Christmas gift (yes, apparently it’s time to start worrying about Christmas). I have already ordered one for my mother in law.

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  1. October 15, 2013 8:18 pm

    It looks great! I hear you about the studio, I haven’t been able to get to my half-primed canvasses on the table today on account of my laundry sitting on wire thingies in front. But I’d say you made good use of your computer time!

    • October 20, 2013 9:00 am

      The studio “issue” is a really big one… I can easily relate to your “I haven’t been able to get to my half-primed canvasses on the table today on account of my laundry sitting on wire thingies in front” – that’s so familiar! I have all kinds of problems clearing enough space for all my arty projects and after I’m done, I have to put everything away. This can be so annoying!

      Anyway, glad to hear you like my 2014 planner, I feel I haven’t been wasting my time.

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