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4th Day – A Quick To Do List

December 4, 2013

Decor-Art Advent Calendar is counting… this is the 4th day of December – 20 more to go!

— — —

As preparing for Christmas can be a little bit stressful below you will find a Quick To Do List, that hopefully will help you to get ready quickly and without too many distractions.

You’ll find the jobs that should be completed each week. Start acting now (the sooner, the better) and you’ll be able to relax on Christmas Eve!


Week Number 1:

Create your holiday card list.
Decide on who is getting a card this year (don’t forget that everyone likes to receive a Christmas card!) and count how many cards you’ll need. Also make sure you have the correct addresses.
Shop for cards and wrapping paper.
In theory you should get the best selection if you start early…
Make a thorough gift list.
This may be the hardest job, yet it has to be done… First of all make sure you list everyone you’ll need to buy for. Second – think about what they’d like. Ask your children to “post” their letters for Santa.
Do your online shopping.
Order gifts now, so you have plenty of time to wrap them once they arrive.week2

Week Number 2:

Do some serious Christmas shopping.
The sooner you get it done, the better!

Wrap gifts as you buy them.
This will save you time on Christmas Eve.

Check all of your decorations.
If there’s anything broken you’ll still have time to replace it. You might also want to buy something new.

Start filling your cards with festive wishes.
It can take a while, as you’ll need some inspiration.

Post your cards.
This is also a job that shouldn’t be left to the very last minute.

Week Number 3:

Buy a Christmas tree.
This is a good time to get your tree, if you want it to stay fresh throughout the whole festive season.

Deck the halls. Lights and colourful decorations will cheer you up while waiting for the most important occasion.

Decide on your menu.
Make a list of what you’re going to cook and start writing down what you will need to buy.

You can start buying nonperishable items.
That’s alcohol and anything what is frozen or is in a tin.


Week Number 4

Clean your house.
Once you have this done, you’ll almost be able to relax…

Shop for fresh ingredients.
Vegetables or fruit, also diary products.

Set the table.
Start using your best dishes, if not now, then when?

Buy fresh flowers.
Make sure the blooms have enough time to open up (usually you’d need 2 days).

Finish cooking.
Prepare the planned dishes and enjoy you holidays!

— — —

Hopefully this will help you to stay focused and to survive the mad rush… See you tomorrow! K.

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