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9th Day – Nina Campbell’s Interiors

December 9, 2013

Decor-Art Advent Calendar is counting… this is the 9th day of December – 15 more to go!
— — —

We start the 2nd week of Advent with a Book Blog Tour post. This time I’d love to introduce you to Nina Campbell – one of the world’s most respected and influential interior designers! I think that her latest book – Interiors should be added to your Christmas wish lists and, if you continue reading, you’ll soon find out why.


When you open Nina Campbell’s Interiors you will be overwhelmed with all the beautiful homes the author has chosen to feature in her book. You certainly will fall in love with lots of stylish details and probably will whisper silently “I’d love to live like that”(I must admit I certainly would!)


If you wondered who creates extremely beautiful interiors and how to become a perfect interior designer, I have some bad news – you have to start at a very early age, just like Nina did. In her book she says: “my parents moved house frequently, though mostly around Belgravia, and I was always allowed to choose what my own room looked like”. The other important factor, that helps to train one’s eye, could be traveling and taking in different cultures. In Nina’s opinion she’s “been lucky enough to travel all over the world, working in different countries, with widely varying customs”. This certainly has refined her eclectic style!


The houses and apartments in this book are some of the author’s latest commissions. They range from a huge house in the middle of China, to a tiny pied-à-terre, a collector’s apartment and a country house in London, as well as taking in a contemporary chalet in Switzerland and a very grand 19th-century house in New York. As you can see it’s a real mixture, that needed all kinds of solutions and this, no doubt, makes this book even more colourful.


I must admit I have become a great fan of Nina’s work. First of all I love her ability to incorporate artwork in all kinds of interiors. Knowing that her inspiration finds her visiting art galleries and exhibitions, makes my heart sing! I’m also really fond of her attitude “to be a guide to achieving the clients’ desires and to be the editor of their dreams”. I don’t think I’d ever consider hiring an interior designer who simply takes over…

Summing it up – if you like extremely beautiful interiors and would love to know how to achieve this look and feel in your house or apartment, you need to get acquainted with Nina Campbell’s ideas. Her knowledge and experience will help you out making sure your “house runs in a calm and orderly fashion”!

— — —

Nina Campbell Interiors by Nina Campbell (photography by Simon Brown) is published by CICO Books and is available from

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