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17th Day – Pretty Pictures

December 17, 2013

Decor-Art Advent Calendar – 7 days to Christmas!
— — —

Today lets go back in time. Lets visit the years when no one knew what photographs are (or even if they knew what they were, these images were still very rare). Then people had to trust drawings and paintings.

Nowadays such illustrations might look old-fashioned, but they certainly aren’t boring; I’d say they are special – imagine how much effort and time one had to put in into creating beautiful detailed scenes! Just because they are so different to anything what we might see in a book or a newspaper today, in my opinion they will look great as Christmas decorations.

My inspiration were these black and white Santas, but I’d like to take them one step further and use all kinds of antique or vintage artwork as Christmas tree decorations – print them out, thread a ribbon and voilà! You could also create small winter scenes – layering houses and people, trees and animals, creating small 3D wonders.

If you’re worried about the copyright issues, I have some good news – The British Library has made a million of its images available online, these pictures are free not just to browse, but to use and reuse. Here’s an article that it explains it all.

This image can be found here

This image can be found here

For more images from The British Library please click this link. Just a word of warning – there’s more than 1 million, so you’ll need to be patient looking for the best ones.

I won’t show you what I have done with my pretty pictures, today I’m leaving everything up to you – use your imagination combined with creativity.

Same place, but probably not the same time, tomorrow? K.

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