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A Farm of Proverbs

September 14, 2014

When traveling in the northern part of Germany we came across a lovely farm. In fact it was a patch of lawn bordering a huge cabbage field, where behind a wire fence lived some horses (actually they were little ponies), sheep and chickens. There also was a small shed for some pigeons. I could straight away imagine a nice, always smiling (lets also add tall and well fed) farmer who really loves his flock.

If you live in the country you might not find such rural scenes exciting, but I do. There’s something that has always drawn me to villages, where life seems not as stressful and, for that matter, so much better. I think if you can keep it simple, you can find happiness in everything around you – beautiful sunrises, fresh air, wet noses and the cacophony of baas and moos. Chasing chickens vs chasing the latest trends in fashion (a heap of feathers in your hair vs a Louis Vuitton on your shoulder) – what do you think?

I’d gladly give a go to getting back to basics – getting up early to feed the animals, collect the freshly laid eggs and continue throughout the day with the other chores. How much this would last? I’m not sure, but I still hope that one day I’ll find out!

— — —

The most important truths of life had been discovered and recorded in a form of proverbs long time ago, so this time my photos are paired with old sayings, that might teach you something new.

proverb1 proverb2 proverb3 proverb4

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  1. September 14, 2014 4:56 pm

    Sweet post, I like the idea of the photos paired with the proverbs.

    I think you are right that country life could provide a more sane lifestyle than city. But it is just as easy to live a too full, busy busy busy life in the country as well, which I found out when I was still taking commissions.

    Life on a farm can be idyllic, I think, as long as you don’t have to depend on either the land or your animals for survival/income.

    I live in a small house in a rural village in the north of Holland- the farmers around here are large agricultural or dairy and are focused on profit. They come tearing through our village at harvest time, ignoring the speed limit, saying that their livelihoods depend on efficiency.

    Once you get into the heart of rural life it is as complicated as anywhere else. But it is more possible to be close to nature here, that’s true.

    I hope you get the chance to experience it- ever try any of the B&Bs on a farm? 🙂 Sarah

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