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Holiday at Home by MR JASON GRANT

September 19, 2014
   I hope you are ready to hear some more about fabulous books. This month I’m starting to review beautiful publications for one more company – Hardie Grant Books. I’m very excited! Their subjects include food, wine, sport, history, true crime, humour, popular culture and social issues. My posts are going to become even more colourful and, hopefully, will tickle all kinds of taste buds!
   As if to continue my holiday mood, the first Hardie Grant book I am going to tell you about is…
— — —
Holiday at Home (Creating Relaxed Spaces of Your Own) by MR JASON GRANT (Photography: Lauren Bamford)
   This is probably the most relaxed interior design and styling book I have ever come across! It oozes happiness and good vibes in general. You open it up and can almost feel the rays of sun gently warming up your face… (I probably should have checked in the mirror if any new freckles appeared in the last few days!) The author is Australian, so what do you expect? (I must admit I do believe in these stereotypes – Australia = kangaroos, BBQ, beer, life on the beach…)
   There’s not much text, but LOADS of beautiful photographs, so if you’re a visual learner, I’d say this book is perfect for you. By the way, not much text isn’t a bad thing. After all, who reads interior design books from cover to cover? Unless you’re the editor, of course…
   There are quite a few inspiring ideas that I totally agree with. I’d even go as far as calling some of them life maxims that should be adopted by all of us. To give you a rough idea here’s one:
   To give you an even better idea here are five extremely important ones and the sixth is an absolute MUST:
1 – Avoid clutter in your home, as it clutters your head.
2 – Enjoy the simple things in life.
3 – Relax as hard as you work.
4 – Every day is special.
5 – Practise makes perfect.
6 – Spoil yourself.
   Jason’s main message – inspiration is all around you. You don’t need to go far to find something you like, something that makes you feel comfortable – “taking time out and having an adventure is a special feeling”. In his opinion just leaving home and taking a break “clears the head” and, if you learn how to absorb the detail, you are half way to creating your own paradise.
   Is it possible not to fall in love with a stylish who says “not everything needs to be perfect”? I don’t think so!
   Seriously, even if you don’t want to fall in love with Jason, you should think about falling in love with his idea to compile lists of something you like. Such lists can become your perfect source for inspiration; simply record anything that comes to your mind remembering beautiful places you went to, your holidays or time spent with your friends. (If I were to record my summer favourites… waves, driftwood, sunrise, bright flowers, ice cream…) And later on turn these favourites into something real for e.g. by painting your walls your favourite colours or creating special displays from your favourite finds.
   Anyway, lets not forget that…
   In just a few words? Unique and extremely uplifting book that might be meant to just improve your interiors, yet it has the potential to even change your lives!
— — —
Holiday at Home by Jason Grant (Hardie Grant) Photography: Lauren Bamford
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