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The Secret Diary of Tiddles

October 31, 2014
   If you’re already wondering what “Santa Claws” could bring someone who is in love with such wonderful creatures as cats, you should look no further – The Secret Diary of Tiddles Aged 3 3/4 (by Gemma Correll) will make a brilliant present.
   Even if you’re not too keen on cats and prefer dog company, make sure you read this book – use this opportunity to have a closer look at feline philosophy. By the way, right now you should be listening to the music from the X Files – have you ever wondered what a cat is? “A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, package inside an enigma, and covered in fur, lint and dingleberries.”
   I fell in love with the illustrations and was laughing out loud reading the secret thoughts that come to Tiddles’ (who is familiar with art, yoga, selfies and even “entre-purr-neurial” skills) mind.
   I must admit this “raw and uncensored diary” also made me wonder – what if cats really think like that!? That would be scary as I own six tiddles, who might be secretly starting compost heaps behind refrigerator, trying to get rid of the dog or licking every fruit in the fruit bowl.
   Anyway, The Secret Diary of Tiddles Aged 3 3/4 is not a book that you can tell about, so you’ll need to analyze it yourself. Just like this…
Complete engrossed!

Completely engrossed!

   It will raise a few philosophical questions, for e.g. “where does the sun go when the curtains are closed” or “where do hairballs come from”, but it will also provide an important answer – after reading it you will know what your cat gets up to while you’re away.
— — —
   The Secret Diary of Tiddles Aged 3 3/4 by Gemma Correll is published by Dog ‘n’ Bone Books and is available from here.
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