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Advent – Time to Slow Down

December 2, 2014

I bet you are busy getting ready for Christmas?

These days everywhere I go I get an opportunity to be reminded that “holidays are coming” probably together with Santa Claus, as “Santa Claus is coming to town”, right?

Basically there’s no way I could forget that it’s time to buy presents, greetings cards and heaps of decorations, which is very stressful. The question, raised in another famous song, “do they know it’s Christmas” looses its sense in our modern day and age – of course they do!

December should be about slowing down, as we have entered Advent. Lets leave all jolly songs for Christmas morning.

Meanwhile, I invite you to watch a lovely video that sums up what Advent should be about.

Advent. from Spirit Juice Studios on Vimeo.

Slow down, but don’t forget to change your desktop images – we’ve reached the last month of the year…


(Please click on the image to see its full version, then right click and choose the “save  picture as…” option to download it onto your computer.)

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