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Felix Has Gone

January 18, 2015

Last weekend our coast got hit by Felix – a very strong storm (actually it was a hurricane with winds that were traveling faster than 30m/s) that made us close the harbour.

All week we were listening to stories how our beaches were littered with debris, how the bravest wade shallow waters trying to catch amber with their nets and how one unlucky young man got trapped in sand (buried in it up to his shoulders!) and spend the whole night shouting for help.

This weekend the sun came out and everyone rushed to the sea. Felix has gone, but we were curious to see what it left behind. Although most of the damage has been taken care of (soldiers were sent to collect broken trees and branches), there still were signs that not long ago chaos governed the waves.

Well, it was hard to believe it’s actually January… it felt crowded on the beach today.







felix7P.S. This year all storms will get male names. I wonder if any will match Mr.Felix… (hopefully not).

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  1. January 18, 2015 6:23 pm

    You had me worried then, I was sure Felix must be a cat! Good that the storm’s gone though, hope you don’t get too many more x

    • January 20, 2015 4:56 pm

      One of the cats was gone, but his name isn’t Felix 🙂 He came back after a few days and doesn’t feel well now (must have had a fight while looking for cat-girls). As for the storm – the wind was howling and we were scared our greenhouse would fly away, luckily we managed to avoid any damage. K. x

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