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Lets Spread Some Love

February 13, 2015

Who said that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day? Good things can happen on this day too, you know. And as we’re about to run into the brightest holiday in February – Valentine’s Day, lets spread some LOVE!

Don’t worry I won’t be talking about romance this time. Be romantic – tell your other half you love them (preferably everyday) or if you’re single make a wish to find that special person who’d be willing to stay by your side forever; today I’m asking you to share your kindness (I promise to offer something in return though).

So… Soon it will be a year since I adopted my black tornado – a super active dog who doesn’t seem to be able to stop playing, chasing cats or simply following me around the house. Please meet Mr. Otis.


The animal shelter he came from has been experiencing financial difficulties and I’d love to help them at least a little bit, but I won’t be able to do this on my own, I need your support.

Here’s my offer.

I’ve been working hard in the last few days making monotypes or unique art prints. (If you wonder what they are and how they are created I suggest you visit Birdie’s blog, she’s made a few wonderful videos that can be seen here.) The themes I chose are spring and love (of course). I decided to give two of my monotypes away, BUT if you’d like to become a proud owner of one of them I ask you to donate a small sum to the animal shelter that Mr.Otis came from.

My aim is to raise 50 Euros (more would be better of course…). And here are the two monotypes that will be sent with passe-partouts.

Monotype - Pots Full of Spring (size A5), 2015 - 16 Euros

Monotype – Pots Full of Spring (size A5), 2015 – 20 Euros

If you like these hyacinths please make the donation via PayPal. Choose the “send” option, enter this e-mail address: and the amount you’re donating, i.e. 20 Euros (or more).

Monotype - My Pudding With Cherries on Top (size A5), 2015 - 20 Euros

Monotype – My Pudding With Cherries on Top (size A5), 2015 – 30 Euros

If you like this tea time scene please make the donation via PayPal. Choose the “send” option, enter this e-mail address: and the amount you’re donating, i.e. 30 Euros (or more).

You don’t have to send money to me, it should go directly to the shelter (explained above). Simply let me know that you’ve done it (leave a comment, so that everyone knows which monotype already has an owner, and send me an e-mail with your address) and I will post your monotype to you. As Ernest Hemingway has once said “the best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them”, agreed?

This offer is open to everyone, it doesn’t matter where you live – if your love and kindness can reach us from the other end of the World, then I’ll make sure that a nice parcel reaches your corner. Obviously there’s no deadline – the offer is open till the two prints find their owners.

P.S. One more way to show your kindness is to help me spread the word about this opportunity. Thank you!

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  1. February 20, 2015 7:42 pm

    Sorry I hadn’t seen this before. Please tell darling Otis I have donated 20 euros to his former home and if no-one else has them I would love to give the hyacinths a home xox

    (I sent with the message: ‘prompted by Kristina at Decor-Art and Otis’ so they know who to thank x)

    • February 28, 2015 7:51 pm

      As you already know, Lisa, Otis has said “THANK YOU” (+ is sending his special kiss) and your hyacinths are on their way! K. x

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