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The Fourth

April 1, 2015

It’s the fourth month of this year and we should be enjoying sunshine and warmth, yet my winter boots make a familiar squeaking sound when I tread on our white lawn. Mr.Otis (our dog) refuses to stay outside for long… and, if it continues snowing like this, we’ll have to consider hiding Easter eggs in snowdrifts!

April is the month for spring cleaning (I’m already dreading this process…). It’s time to wipe away the cobwebs and open your windows wider for fresh air and ideas. By the way, make sure you write at least one poem – April is the National Poetry Writing Month.

Well, in the near future I’ll be mopping our yard, planting flowers and telling you about new beautiful books – hope to see you all on the 9th, when I’ll invite you to have a look at some Maker Spaces (you’ll get to see my creative corner as well), sharing photographs from my travels and even celebrating my Birthday. Have you got loads planned for this month?


Maker Spaces by Emily Quinton – make sure you visit all ten wonderful blogs

Meanwhile, here’s your April’s desktop image. I hope you enjoy having it for the next thirty days on your screens.


(Please click on the image to see its full version, then right click and choose the “save  picture as…” option to download it onto your computer.)

P.S. Don’t forget that today is April Fools day, so don’t take everything I’ve said for granted, OK?

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