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Hope & Give

July 16, 2015

Some of you might still remember these two lovely people – artist Peter Seibt and his wife Heidi.

Heidi and Peter Seibt

Heidi and Peter Seibt

Last year they gave away 365 of Peter’s paintings! Yes, there’s no mistake, all of them were given away as GIFTS. Anyone could take part in their project called Paintings for Hope. Peter and Heidi were very generous building their so called “social sculpture” – all you had to do was look at a painting and tell them what hope of yours it reminded you of. If you weren’t the only one commenting on a painting that day they simply drew lots. You could comment every day, but you couldn’t win more than one painting. Sounds fair, right? “Just hope and joy, exchanged hands with no money involved” – and this was really happening! (You can read about Paintings for Hope here.)

I was the lucky winner of painting no.179 last year (it’s still in my bedroom; I look at it every morning and always remember my hope that there’s always a “window” open into something better, you might not notice it, but it’s always there), now I feel I need to tell you about the wonderful couple’s new project – Hope & Give. I HOPE you will choose to take part in it or maybe even to support their idea financially.


Painting no.179 – 3rd row from the top, 3rd from right

About Hope & Give Project:

“This is the story of 730 people who will receive a painting of their hope. A gift from us. And from you. And we’ll change lives, together. And it will happen again, every day. For a whole year. This social sculpture will brighten lives by bringing joy instead of cynicism, replacing despair with hope and focusing on the spirit of giving.”

Sounds good, doesn’t it? And here’s how it will work:

“On the 20th of August 2015 people will start sharing their hopes with us for a full year. And as a result Peter will respond with his own unique way, by painting not one, but two paintings of your hopes, every single day. The first painting will be inspired directly from your ‘Hope’ and it is a gift for you. The second painting of your hope is Peter´s response to it. You get two paintings. You keep the first one and ‘Give’ away the second one to another person.”


It would be great if you decided to help supporting this bright idea and donated some money (please click this link), but as Heidi and Peter have said: “of course we are grateful for every single dollar we receive. Like this we will be able to finance the whole project. But what also really helps us, is if you contribute your hopes, your happiness, the fact that is happening here and now. To know that together nothing is hopeless. That money does not dictate the value of everything. That you should not feel powerless. Not you. Never when we’re together.”

So… I have told you about it, will you share your hope?

— — —

P.S. The whole Hope & Give story can be found here.

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  1. July 16, 2015 10:44 pm

    How wonderful.

    • July 21, 2015 1:47 pm

      I agree with you, it is a really wonderful project! I hope loads of people will decide to take part one way or another. K.

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