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Bottles, Roses and Grapefruit

August 1, 2015

July seems to have been the worst month for blogging so far this year. Loads of things got in the way of normal life (although what do you call normal life?). We’ve raced through 2/3rds of summer and it certainly wasn’t an easy ride – even the weather was grim (a few days ago I was stuck in the greenhouse afraid to venture into one of the heavy showers; I’m not joking, I was scared I was going to be washed away by some tidal wave). Could August bring not only better weather, but less worries as well? Lets hope so…

Anyway, it seems this summer will be remembered not only as the one that felt like autumn, but also as the one when I was into painting bottles.

Yes, I’ve done another bottle still-life. I’m not sure it’s any better than the previous one, but I’m glad it has more stuff in it. To be honest with you I saw some grapefruit that I wanted to paint, but the cardboard, I got ready for my next painting session, was too big for just grapefruit, so my still-life had to grow… And it grew into this:

Bottles, Roses and Grapefruit, 2015

Bottles, Roses and Grapefruit, 2015

Looking at it now the two bottles aren’t that good (they are so uneven and the shapes are wrong) and the roses don’t look like roses (more like peonies), but on the whole I’m quite happy with it. The bottles might not have improved, but at least I stepped away from my usual background colours. Orange? That’s definitely something unexpected.

Here are some details:

Detail No.1

Detail No.1

Detail No.2

Detail No.2

Detail No.3

Detail No.3

I hope my next painting, that I’m brave enough to show you, is a landscape as it’s time to step away not only from the usual colours, but also from the usual subjects! (Although one could argue that grapefruit isn’t that usual for me after all…)

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  1. August 4, 2015 1:43 pm

    I like your loose style here, and I look forward to seeing your landscape soon.

  2. August 16, 2015 11:14 am

    Love the orange background and I think your bottles look great. As far as I’m concerned if you can tell what someone’s painted they’ve done a good job! 🙂 x

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