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Furniture Hacks

August 4, 2015

How do you like to spend the warmest period of the year? I bet you are dreaming of some magic retreat where time stops or at least goes somehow slower, yet every day offers another adventure… I will not tell you where to find such a place, but I’m going to invite you to join Hester Van Overbeek for a furniture hacking adventure. Of course you’ll need a map, i.e. her book – Furniture Hacks (and Other Creative Updates for a Unique and Stylish Home). Who knows what will happen… Hacking your furniture you might even turn your home into that magic retreat I mentioned before.


   As you might already know hacking is updating, repurposing and personalising to create stylish, unique masterpieces. Nothing too complicated and… if a makeup artist (yes, Hester is a makeup artist!) can do it, so can you.
   This book offers heaps of advice and a few good tips on starting a new project (I agree with Hester that finding inspiration and creating mood boards are two very important steps that have to be taken before you venture into the unknown), managing without a pair of helping hands, drawing straight lines, measuring and keeping track on your progress.
   35 projects to choose from – furniture hacks for your living room, kitchen, bedroom, home office and even for your outdoor space. I’m sure you will find something that will light your fire.
   I loved quite a few fresh ideas presented in this book. Most of them are really easy to implement, for e.g. that bandana curtain pictured below. I can already see it flapping in the wind in my summer house (which has to be built first of course…). I do think it’s brilliant!
   So… small budget isn’t a problem anymore. Grab your tools, it’s time for some action. With step-by-step pictures and the author’s instructions everything is possible – you can learn to make window shutters, wallpaper canvas, outdoor bench, plate clock and even kitchen island. You don’t even need many DIY skills, as Hester has said “with the right inspiration, you can create something beautiful“.
   P.S. Make sure you visit Hester’s blog – Hester’s Handmade Home, where you will find many more ideas for lovely projects. Oh, and other beautiful blogs that are taking part in the Furniture Hacks blog tour:
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Furniture Hacks by Hester van Overbeek, photography by James Gardiner, published by CICO Books

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