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Winter Living – Book Blog Tour

September 10, 2015
   I know quite a lot of people who are already dreading winter just because this magical season brings colder weather. I’ll be honest, I’m also worried about chilly and dark evenings… Admit it, these aren’t something to look forward to! But this year I have a perfect recipe how to not only survive, but also ENJOY the coldest season of the year – all you need is Selina Lake’s new book Winter Living.
   I’m ready to skip autumn. That’s how much I loved this book!
   Beautiful photographs documenting Selina’s ideas and tips how to style and decorate your home during winter months inspire to create lovely, uplifting interiors. It’s really fascinating how a few changes can quickly turn your living space into an indoor haven.
   You get four style themes to chose from – Homespun Charm, Rustic Retreat, Faded Grandeur or Winter Whites. What would suit your home best? I guess I’ll go for the homespun look as I’m a real fan of everything handmade. Little makes like your own decorations, textiles or interesting floral displays definitely add that unique charm to one’s house.
   By the way, if you enjoy creating posies of seasonal flowers, don’t forget that winter garden has a lot less on offer. Of course you can always head to your local florist, but you could also start some arrangements now – hydrangeas look stunning even when they are dry. Their colour fades, just like everything else in nature, and the fragile blooms turn into a perfect wintery decoration.
   I’m not sure what you are looking forward to the most when you start noticing all the signs that winter is inevitably getting closer and closer, but even if for you this season is just for slowing down, you’ll still find some lovely ideas in Selina’s book. I’d say that in this case snug bedroom is a must! Layer colourful blankets, add pretty details, create soft lighting and you’ll be ready for hibernation.
   But… if you share Selina’s view that winter is for getting crafty and learning a new skill, baking cakes and throwing a winter party you’ll enjoy her advice on making winter wreaths, clove-studded oranges or mulled cider. As you can see Christmas doesn’t have to be the only highlight of the whole three month period, although this celebration does get a very special mention in this book.
   Winter Living is an extremely inspiring book (I’m already getting ready for winter – making my own bright cushion cover, although I can assure you I’m not planning on hibernating!). If I haven’t convinced you, make sure you visit other bloggers who took part in this wonderful book blog tour and do let me know what you thought.
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Images taken from Winter Living by Selina Lake, photography by Debi Treloar, published by Ryland Peters & Small
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  1. September 10, 2015 8:26 pm

    Love it.

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