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Children’s Spaces Book Blog Tour

October 10, 2015

Can you remember the room you called your own when you were a child? Did you like it? Was it in any way special?

I might already sound like a boring mature lady, yet we didn’t have hardly anything back in the 80s when I was a child. (As you will find out this fact emphasizes my parents’ value and the impact they had on my life even more.) The flat we lived in was tiny and the furniture shops were almost empty, yet my dad managed to come up with a special bed that he designed and then made himself! It was raised high up above the floor, I had to use a ladder to get into it and I could reach the ceiling every evening before closing my eyes. Underneath this bed I had my own corner – a small table and a few boxes with neatly organized soft toys. Quite a modest little corner, yet it was my own space!

TJ40-1-2015 JKT 175L CTP_Layout 1

After this long introduction I’d love to show you a new book – Creative Children’s Spaces by Ashlyn Gibson. This is a book that could become your manual for creating colourful and exciting interiors for your little ones. I also have to add that if my dad had it back then, when I was a child… I’m sure he would have come up with even more interesting solutions.


I love the fact that for this book Ashlyn has visited real homes that are scattered around the world. This way she has covered various lifestyles, showing us children’s rooms that have been created by parents who differ not only in their tastes, but also in their cultural upbringing. All of these homes have their own “spirit and soul”.


As a successful stylist as well as a shop owner, the author has looked at children’s spaces not only from the point of aesthetics, but also functionality, concentrating on play areas and homework zones, bedrooms and hideaways and even storage spaces. (Well, I must admit that our home is a constant battle zone where putting stuff away would mean winning against chaos, yet we still haven’t come up with any clever storage solutions… so any information on “hiding” things or “de-cluttering” a busy house I find really useful.)


My favourite chapter was on displaying children’s Art. Every child is an artist, so any attempt to encourage them to stay being creative I rate really highly. Imagine having your own little gallery! I bet that even traditional education system, with sometimes really insensitive and stiff teachers, can’t suppress ones urge to generate ideas if a child is raised in an inspiring environment.


And for the last bit of my review lets move outdoors. If you have a garden definitely go for a tree house (or anything that your little one could call their own house). Just like my special bed this might be the thing they will remember most fondly when they grow up.


— — —

Creative Children’s Spaces by Ashlyn Gibson, photography by Ben Robertson, published by Ryland Peters & Small

I recommend this book for parents who’d like to create inspiring dynamic homes with interiors that grow together with their little people. If you’d like to find out more, make sure you visit other lovely blogs that took part in Children’s Spaces book blog tour.


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  1. October 10, 2015 7:32 pm

    Very cool rooms.

    • October 17, 2015 1:26 pm

      I agree. Wish I had one like these when I were a child… or even now. K.

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