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Location Revealed

October 16, 2015

Do you still remember my previous post? It was a short travel quiz – ten images illustrating the place I’ve just come from. I said I’d be impressed if anyone got at least the country right. I know I would have failed. So thank you everyone who took part and here’s the correct answer:


Just of the coast of Albania in the Ionian sea there’s a Greek island with a beautiful name – Corfu (in Greek – Kerkyra). I’ve been to Greece several times before – mainland and another island, so I knew more or less what to expect, yet I was so wrong…

It’s beautiful – hilly (if this is the correct word, as the tallest mountain is more than 900 meters high), really wild in places, full of tiny authentic villages, old olive groves, empty beaches and unbelievable sceneries. If only the roads were better… (they are narrow with loads of sharp bends and not suitable for someone who is scared of heights!).

Cape Drastis

Cape Drastis

If your perfect holidays include staying in a luxury hotel, you’ll find it there; if you want to see the real, non-touristy bit, you’ll also find it in Corfu.

Bus stop

Bus stop

The old town of Corfu (the island’s capital) looks more Italian than Greek. Extremely beautiful houses with colourful shutters need a new coat of paint, yet the narrow streets, full of tiny shops and cafes, are extremely charming. It’s easy to get lost in the tight knit network of these arteries, but if you ever need help – the locals are really friendly and speak good English.

Somehere in the old town of Corfu

Somewhere in the old town of Corfu…

(By the way, it was really weird how even the stray dogs have adopted the relaxed and friendly attitude towards life on this small island – we had three on one of the beaches just laying around us, playing and digging holes in the sand.)

One of the three

A quick evaluation? Maybe 7 out of 10: it could have easily been exotic Cuba with loads of impressive yet weathered buildings, a lot more interesting than the usual holiday destinations and if only the roads were better… I’d consider coming back.

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