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Everything in Its Place

December 30, 2015

Before we rush into the new year (to be honest I’m still curious where this one has gone…) I have to show you one more beautiful and very useful book.


Are you familiar with the storage problem? I am. I swear our house is a black hole where things disappear just because it’s so cluttered with stuff that hasn’t got it’s permanent place. I need to put an end to this! I keep wondering if this is even possible and then… I get an answer – yes, of course. I guess this is why I fell in love with Everything in Its Place by Rebecca Winward straight away.


This book offers storage solutions by room, by purpose, by type and even by style. I must admit I have never looked at this problem from so many different angles!

The easiest start would be to analyse your rooms – one at a time, so you don’t get overwhelmed. (Rebecca’s advice – “if you don’t have much time or feel daunted by the challenge, pick a room that’s relatively easy to straighten out”.)  Kitchens, bedrooms, hallways, home offices… all have to serve a certain function and, once it gets identified, it’s a lot easier to decide what belongs where.


When you start putting everything in its place the golden rule you have to stick to is “store item as closely as possible to the place where they are needed and keep frequently used items easily to hand”. Nothing complicated, right? By the way, this rule becomes especially important in your kitchen, where your regularly used equipment and ingredients should be kept close to the “working triangle”. If you like to cook or bake you will know what marks this zone, and if not – it’s demarcated by the sink, cooker and refrigerator.


“An orderly workspace is known to have a positive impact on productivity” – in my opinion this could be said about every space in the house. Just like a tidy kitchen equals to quickly prepared tasty supper, a tidy bedroom guarantees good nights sleep. So… it’s really worth to invest some time into putting away everything you own; no matter what treasures lay around your house, everything will find it’s own place.

This book will help you organize your clothes and shoes, books, food, toys and anything that falls under the category of hobbies.


Here you will find brilliant storage solutions that can match your home style. I’m so glad that Rebecca has thought of not only practical fixes, she has also remembered the importance of visual aesthetics. You will find ideas for storage if you follow minimalist approach, if you prefer country chic, retro, eclectic or vintage look, or even if you’ve chosen traditional style for your house.


“A home cluttered with so much ‘stuff’ that it can’t be properly organized is chaotic and muddled, difficult to keep clean, and stressful to negotiate on a daily basis.” This is why it’s high time to take action!

— — —

Everything in It’s Place by Rebecca Winward published by Ryland Peters & Small.

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  1. December 30, 2015 8:37 pm

    Great post. LOVE the pictures. Thank you:)

    • January 5, 2016 8:40 pm

      I’m glad you loved the photographs from the book. It’s very inspiring – it made me finally start organising my stuff 🙂 Hopefully I can finish what I’ve started… K.

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