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Learn Something New – Share Your Skills

February 7, 2016

Here’s a very serious question – when is the last time you learned something new? What comes to your mind? I straight away remember my old ambition to master Spanish language… There was a time when I was eagerly practising my buenos dias and buenos tardes nearly every day, sadly this activity didn’t become a healthy habit. These days I concentrate on improving what I already know or can do, so it’s really hard to think of something completely new. (Hmm… does crocheting a new granny square pattern count?)

Anyway… Learning something new is really important. And not just because learning you gain more knowledge or master a new skill that you might use later on in your life. If you are unhappy with your life you need to focus on self improvement – you could exercise, eat healthy food, read, meditate or… learn new skills. Not always, but quite often knowledge/ability = happiness!

This is why I want to show you one more good website that could become your daily channel of positive vibes.


What is Skillshare? Skillshare is a global learning community for creators. Anyone can take thousands of online classes or even teach a class themselves.

Their mission:

To provide access to high-quality learning.

We believe that everyone is creative, and that giving people tools to harness their creative power has the potential to change lives for the better. Not creativity defined as an artist but creativity defined as a mindset, as a mental toolkit, as a set of building blocks, as a way of solving problems, and as a means to live a more interesting life.

At the moment it offers 3022 classes (not all of them are free though) and has 1.1 million students. The topics you can choose from include photography, fashion, DIY, business, music, gaming, writing, crafts etc. I think that anyone could find something they’d like to master. (My choice so far: creating and mixing patterns, rekindling the art of letter writing, food photography.)

By the way, if you are passionate about what you do, you could become a teacher. You don’t even have to be experienced, you’ll get all possible help with that.

So… stop wasting time, go and learn something new or share your skills.

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  1. February 7, 2016 1:28 pm

    I seem to take on a new thing about every year, so I’m good in that department, after all, they all take several years to master. But I think it’s an awesome idea to share it like this in one place, so I’ll definitely keep it handy. And I’d love to become good enough to actually pass on some of my skills!

    • February 9, 2016 7:39 pm

      Oh, Pia, I think that by now there are quite a few skills that you could pass on – for e.g. the art of cat keeping, renovating vast spaces, generating various ideas… On the more serious note – knitting, weaving, dyeing wool using plants; you might think that anyone can do this, but I can assure you that I’d have no clue what plants to use for a bit of colour… lets not even mention the weaving bit.

      Well, they say that it takes 10 000 hours to master something, but I think it’s always worth trying to know at least a little bit about as many things in life as possible (you never know when you might need that knowledge). K.

  2. February 26, 2016 10:45 pm

    What a great idea…I am doing a photography course with a Facebook group which means finally taking my camera off the auto settings now and again! 🙂 x

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