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Coastal Matters

March 14, 2016

As the days are getting longer and sunnier it’s time to start thinking about summer. Yes, yes, summer. Lets skip spring! (Of course I’m only joking – lets enjoy spring and hope for a very warm April and May.)

At the moment I’m really eager to get outdoors, to start my new garden, to sow heaps of flower seeds, to have our first picnic or BBQ this year… (In a month or so I will be complaining about my aching back as gardening isn’t an easy occupation after all.) Well, we are finally working on our BIG piece of land, which happens to be on the coast, no wonder my mind’s occupied not only with planting schemes, but also with various summery coastal projects.

Here’s what I’ve been carrying in my coat pocket for the last few weeks (there also were quite a few old receipts and other rubbish, but it wouldn’t have looked good in this photo):

Small coat pocket sea glass collection

Small coat pocket sea glass collection

I’ve seen so many fabulous driftwood sculptures, nautical flags, sea glass and shell collections, stripped pillow cases (thank you, Pinterest) – I’ve gathered so many ideas that I will use to create my own coastal retreat! The only thing I have to do now is… to get a move on with making all this stuff. By the way, I’ve already started. I’ve started with a simple jar wrapped in so called fishnet.


What’s needed:

an ordinary glass jar or a bottle
jute string


I’m not planning on showing you how it’s done. It’s really easy. You can find this and many other lovely projects and tutorials on my Coastal Decor board on Pinterest. Just don’t forget that it’s always really rewarding to have something made yourself, so I encourage you to also get a move on with making stuff – whatever comes to your mind, make it happen.


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  1. June 25, 2016 10:49 pm

    I’ve never found sea glass on beaches here. I bet that jar is very full and beautiful by now! 🙂 x

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