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Life Unstyled – Book Blog Tour

October 12, 2016

We are traveling again… traveling round the woderful world of books (and blogs) and this time I want to show you probably the most relaxed interior design book I have ever seen. Welcome to Emily Henson’s life or… Life Unstyled.


Messy? Cluttered? No! Simply UNSTYLED, yet real and lived in. I’d also add comfortable, cozy, colourful and eye catching, interesting and inviting to explore. I must admit I love busy homes – homes with heaps of books and lovely things, bright homes where walls are covered in photographs and paintings and sofas in warm textiles. Oh, and I know I’m not the only one!


Emily Henson is an interior stylist who is able to create perfectly styled images for her clients in order to sell their products, but she also knows that “these pictures don’t represent real life”. Her work is to create fantasy – flawless interiors that are “intended to inspire but also set impossibly high standards of perfection” so it’s really refreshing to know that for her this is only work.

Emily’s blog – Life Unstyled, just like her newest book, was created with the aim to “rebel against those spotless, clutterfree interiors and talk instead about real homes, the kind so many of us live in”. Her mission is “to show homes that are not only inspiring and stylish, but also lived in and constantly evolving”. Sounds good, don’t you think?


Imperfection can be beautiful too. Let me repeat this once again – imperfection can be beautiful too.

I think many of us get jealous looking at glossy interior magazines and remembering that our homes look nothing like the ones pictured there. Well, I do, so it was really easy to fall in love with Emily’s optimistic opinion that we simply HAVE to love our “own home, with all its lumps, bumps and unfinished jobs, just a tiny bit more”.


If you wonder how to do this, here are just a few ideas: first we need to train ourselves to see the opportunities rather than the problems (I’d say we should apply this statement in every sphere of our lives), second remember that a few minor changes can work wonders; for e.g. don’t have everything out on display at once (avoid clutter by grouping your favourite things by by theme, colour or material) also use colours (paint and achieve a huge impact in very little time).


I am sure you will get many more ideas looking at beautiful REAL interiors that have been photographed by Debi Treloar.


So… if you think your home’s a mess, if you love colours and vast collections of beautiful things, if you’re scared of sterile and minimalist interiors this book’s for you. Simply soak up Emily’s advice, learn to embrace imperfection and create a home you love.

— — —

Life Unstyled by Emily Henson, published by Ryland Peters & Small. Photography by Debi Treloar © Ryland Peters & Small

— — —

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