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Andrea’s Flowers

March 28, 2017

It’s been a very silent month, but not because I haven’t got anything new to tell you. I’ve been busy observing spring, which isn’t in a hurry to arrive (although this March is pretty warm and cloudless), and sowing seeds, of course (have you got any seedlings on your windowsills?) – anything you can think of!

I once again have BIG plans for my new garden – I’d love to turn it into a real flower farm. I can already see tall and bushy cosmos, bright yellow sunflowers, colourful foxgloves and royal delphiniums… there’ll also be blue cornflowers and loads of fluffy calendulas and zinnias. Have you heard of Floret Flower Farm? Have a look at their blog and you’ll get a glimpse into my dream.

Gardening is very time consuming, so I doubt I will have time to paint my lovely blooms, but I promise to take heaps of photographs. By the way, for the curious ones, here’s what the new garden looked like last year:

My new garden, summer 2016 – 1st year

Anyway, talking about painting… I have a new favourite – Dutch artist Andrea Letterie. Her flowers are just as pretty as I imagine mine will be this coming summer.

Have a look at these lovely colourful paintings – it’s amazing how simple objects can become so inspiring. Bright colours, flowers, birds and doggies are so very me, if you know what I mean.

For more paintings please head to Artacasa online gallery, this is were I found the ones pictured above. I didn’t manage to find much information about Andrea Letterie herself, but here are a few lines I came across while looking for her paintings:

Born in 1970, Andrea Letterie lives and works in Holland. Andrea developed her colourful and naïve style while studying Painting and Illustration at an Art Academy. Andrea finds inspiration in her pet dog, tea cups, nature, flowers, and vintage patterns which she combines into playful compositions that contrast realism and fantasy. Dogs with dresses or necklaces are no rarity! Painting fills her with a Joy that is apparent in her art.

— — —

I hope you liked this virtual trip to a magical Andrea Letterie’s world… and please wish me luck with my will be flower farm!

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