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Magic Kordes Roses

September 12, 2017

Here’s one of the stories I promised to tell you this September – be prepared to see loads of sweet sweet pinks, bright reds and burning oranges. In just a few words? Welcome to the Kingdom of Roses!

All the colours, sizes and shapes you can imagine… (sadly I can’t convey their smell).

And every single one deserving to be titled the Queen of the season.

This is the lost garden or the garden I managed to loose somewhere in Germany – all I knew was that it was somewhere not far from Hamburg.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you might remember one of my posts from 2014 (Where Do Roses Come From?). This is when, completely by accident, we stumbled upon a lovely rose garden/nursery. At the time I picked up their leaflet as I was going to return the next year, yet I couldn’t find their address. (This was extremely frustrating! No matter how much I stared at the leaflet I couldn’t find any useful information. Maybe that leaflet was for something else and it just happened to have some photos of beautiful roses? Lets say I should improve my German before I start complaining.) Anyway… do you believe in serendipity?

We were going to Pinneberg, took the first turning off the motorway to Hamburg and found this impressive rose garden/nursery completely by accident for the second time!

Before you ask, this time I picked up their catalogue (I plan to order some of their beautiful roses online) and yes, I do have their address and can go back there whenever I want to. I found out that this is the Kordes Rosen nursery or the place to buy the prettiest roses in the world. Apparently it is a family run business that is now being managed by the 4th and 5th generation Kordes family members! They must be as famous as David Austin, yet I am a complete novice in the rose growers’ world, no wonder I’ve never heard of them before…

The nursery is huge! Thousands of plant pots can be found in the greenhouses and even more outside. Try to imagine tidy rows of labled roses with blooms designed for every possible taste. I’d say this place is a keen gardener’s heaven.

As we were traveling by car I decided to get at least one plant and of course I didn’t know which to pick… At first I wanted to go for 2017 season’s hit – a rose named Airbrush (have a look at the colour variations, these petals do look as if they were sprayed with an airbrush).

In the end I chose Firebird – a plant that wasn’t in bloom at the time and was promising to open up as a bright surprise.

(The bush survived the long journey home and has settled really well in the new place, but even though our 2 ha territory is all fenced off some deer managed to sneak in and ate all of the buds! I’m really disappointed I won’t see this plant in all of its beauty this year. As far as I could see only one bud survived and I’m still waiting for the miracle.)

— — —

If you happen to travel in that part of Germany I strongly recommend visiting this place, if not – go to Kordes Rosen website and order a plant or two, they ship to most countries in Europe.

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  1. September 13, 2017 11:45 pm

    Beautiful roses. They are too much work for me. LOL I am the sort who plants and lets it live or not. I’m not much for the maintenance, although I weed – at least for a while. I have pretty hardy plantings in my beds, but I think it all looks pretty good. I hope you enjoy your special roses.

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