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A Note for All Artists

If you are an artist – according to Pablo Picasso “all children are artists” and, continuing his thought, if you have grown up and managed to remain an artist – we would like to invite you to show your artwork on our virtual gallery.

Decor-Art runs E-Exhibitions and provides an opportunity for: 1. artists to show their creations; 2. anyone interested in Art view our exhibitions without leaving their home (handy on a rainy day!).

Information for the artists:

  1. It’s free.
  2. Each E-Exhibition runs for 3 weeks, but is added to our growing archive and can be accessed even when it’s over.
  3. All we need is: artist’s statement or a short biography, quality photos of your artwork and for you to be eager to answer a few questions for the interview that we publish on our blog.
  4. You can contact us on
  5. IMPORTANT. If you have a website or write a blog, please include the URLs in your e-mail. Also please send us a few photos of your artwork, as we would like to see it before we decide whether we would like to present it to our art loving public.

Exhibiting artists can always include their website or blog URLs and e-mail addresses, so that anyone who likes their artwork can contact them direct. All we ask in return is to put our button (you can find it below) on your website and link it to Decor-Art ( We can make the button smaller or bigger, i.e. adjust the size according to your request.

Please right click on the button and save it to your computer.

— — —

For more information about the previous and current E-Exhibitions and coming up events please click here.

— — —

Whatever you do, don’t give up and keep creating! and sooner or later we might see you on Decor-Art. Well, just drop us a line, right?

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