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Otis and His Happy Feet

   The story behind this cute little face is quite simple: he was left in a cardboard box together with his two brothers and a sister; I lost my beloved dog and, after nearly a year of grieving, decided that I needed a new faithful companion. So we met.
   I went to an animal shelter with an intention to adopt an older dog, as puppies find new homes much quicker, yet one character trait I was looking for – this dog had to love cats, determined the end result. I took a puppy who had to learn to live with my meowing gang.
   My puppy is nearly one year old now, but he’s still extremely naughty (well, ask the cats, I’m sure they’d tell you quite a few feline horror stories)! Don’t get me wrong, we love our dog to bits and we’re really GRATEFUL he’s in our lives, so…
— — —
We’d like to ask you for help.
— — —
   The animal shelter Otis came from is running out of money. It would be a disaster if this home had to be closed down… Why? It’s run by real enthusiasts, devoted volunteers who’d do anything their animals would find caring owners.  Sometimes the stories they share could break the toughest hearts, but the happy endings are always priceless.
   This animal shelter has been named Linksmosios pedutes, which stands for Happy Feet in Lithuanian, and, if you ask me (or Otis), this is a very appropriate name – everyone who gets there forgets what grumpy is about! You can watch a short video here.
— — —
So here’s our request…
— — —
   If your kindness can reach across the seas (we’re asking to help a Lithuanian animal shelter) and if you decide to help, simply donate as much as you can via PayPal.
   Please choose the “send” option and enter this e-mail address:
— — —
THANK YOU in advance and please always remember –
“No one has ever become poor by giving.” 
― Anne Frank

— — —


Monotype - My Pudding With Cherries on Top (size A5), 2015 - 20 Euros

Monotype – My Pudding With Cherries on Top (size A5), 2015 – 30 Euros

If you like this tea time scene please make the donation via PayPal. Choose the “send” option, enter this e-mail address: and the amount you’re donating, i.e. 30 Euros (or more).

You don’t have to send money to me, it should go directly to the shelter. Simply let me know that you’ve done it (leave a comment, so that everyone knows that this monotype already has an owner, and send me an e-mail with your address) and I will post your monotype to you. As Ernest Hemingway has once said “the best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them”, agreed?

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